Juwel Lido Conversion - My First Marine Tank

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 The problem with led lights is that you often need to mount them high over the tank to get good coverage, so I think it might be tricky to mount them in the hood.

Also how tall is the glass tank? The height is an indicator of how much light you'll need

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The tank i will be using is either 60 or 65 cm tall, and based on my existing tank will have about 7cm gap between water surface and top of the tank. Is there a way to tell how suitable lights are for corals by looking at product specifications? if seen a Watt per Litre rule but this doesnt make sense to me as LED lights use about half the power of flourescents etc.

I might look in to having an open top with led lights hanging over but it just doesn't sit well with me. I worry about evaporation, fish escaping and stuff/chemicals falling in to the tank. Im sure there will be some options for me just need to research that specifically.

I think i have sourced a Juwel Lido 200 for £100. I should get £100 if i sell my current setup so its a no brainer, hope it pulls off. I will probably start a new thread showing the full conversion from start to finish when I begin.


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anyone had any experience with the Aquatlantis easy LED strips? these could be the ones for me providing i can get confirmation that they are decent enough for corals.




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The watts per litre is a bit old hat now, I wouldn’t get to hung up on it, if I was you I would stick with the Arcadia t5 led replacements for now.
This is my personal view but all pins solution sell over priced tatt and there customer service is shocking.

That will be a result
If that tank comes off




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