How often can I do a water change?

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Hi to all,

As it says in the title, I would like to know how often I can do a water change.  The tank is new, and a little high in nitrates, and the water changes will only really be to get this down to a manageable level so I can start thinking about more inverts and corals.

It is a Fluval Edge 46l, with no sump, or skimmer, so unless someone knows of an easy way to reduce nitrates in a tank like this, water changes seem to be the only option. 

I've got enough live rock, 2 small clowns, a hermit crab and a snail. 

Thanks in advance.


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once settled, then a water change a week will do the job :) You can always used nitrate reducing media in the hob filter that comes with edge aquarium :)


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Just do one huge one before adding anything and you'll be all set.
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How new is the tank as high nitrates could be still cycling ? If so then let it cycle and it will drop naturally, as HK Fuey said after a while do a nice big water change before you start stocking up. Regarding filtration keep a good selection of clean up crew in there and regular water changes ( I do 15% weekly ) but just adjust to what suits your tank. I have a similar frag tank with hob filter with k1 mini media in and the tank is doing fantastic and has been since I started it. Although a lot of people don't agree with that media it is certainly working for mine.
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