help need in Hospice tank

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Hi Everyone,
I have just joined this great forum mostly for a plea to find someone local (ish) to Llandysul in Wales who could help me out with an amazing marine tank which we have in Skanda Vale Hospice. It is huge, but I have no idea what the volume actually is and was set up almost 2 years ago. The person who set it up and maintained it has left without any instructions! So with the basic bare minimum of knowledge I have been keeping it going for a few months until recently things have started to go wrong. We have some great equipment running it but right now the automatic top off has stopped working so I have been topping up water in the sump tank every few days. Unfortunately now the skimmer has stopped working. It is probably because the water was too low and the pump didn't get enough water? Anyway, I managed to take the skimmer and pump apart and it looks like the spinning part, (impeller? ) has melted and warped so doesn't spin round properly. I hope to be able to replace just that part.

Also we have aptasia everywhere. I think they have been there at least a year as I saw them in an old photo. I have just started to investigate this problem and seen that we have one little file fish in the tank. It isn't really tackling the aptasia, or at least not the big ones. I don't think it is feasible for me to inject them with anything or hot water as there are hundreds and all in awkward places. We have two shrimps but they aren't peppermint shrimps. If I go that route I think we would need a massive army of them.

Another problem is my total lack of what the corals are in there! They are growing really well but some of them are starting to grow over their neighbours.

I know I could post all these questions separately but I wanted to give the big picture of the situation!
Ideally there would be someone who could come and see it and assess the situation and help get things in order.

Here's hoping!

You can see it here although everything has grown a lot since this picture was taken.


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Have you tried calling around local fish shops?  Some do services like this.


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Hello @jumpinginatthedeepend Welcome to ReefBase

Afraid I'm too far away to pop in :(

On the skimmer, it does sound like it's run dry, if the needle wheel has melted, you might find the motor is nackered as well :(  Do you know what make/model it is?


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Hi Thanks for the reply.  I have just called up the place the skimmer came from and they are trying to get hold of a new part for me. At least that is one thing sorted!
This is a photo I found online of the part. It is not exactly this one but pretty much the same. The grey bit on mine is all bumpy now though. Thanks


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I have called a few local places but they are all busy for Christmas or not local enough. There are good places in Swansea but that is 1hr away and they charge £1 per mile so it will be £90 just for their travel. I was sort of hoping for a very keen and charitable enthusiast as we would be spending the hospice's money on it which is not ideal!


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I would love to help but I’m too far as well.
Some pictures of the filtration and the display might help if you want advice on here.

You could try Facebook for local clubs and also look for local for sale sights and frag sales on there to see if you could get help.

Depending on what you have in tank you could try a butterfly fish for the aips then remove it when it’s done it’s job, banner fish are good aip eaters too.



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Thanks everyone for the help and support. Unfortunately I haven't been able to spend much time on this so still tracking people down to help. I will post test results when I have done some!

Thanks again

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