Help! First tank

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Afternoon all,

I have finally given into the temptation and moved from running a pond into a Marine tank. - I have purchased a Fluval M90 135L  (second hand, I wanted to learn before going bigger).

With the tank came a fluval skimmer which I have read is noisy and not the best on the market so I have upgrades to the bubble mag nac q3.

The tank came with a Florescent tube light which wasn't the light supplied with the tank but just thrown in so I have purchased a Maxspect R420R - 160w light which I have read is pretty good and will be more than enough for this tank.

The tank also came with 1 hydro powerhead and a heater. - What are people's thoughts on Powerheads/Wavemakers?

I am nervous to get started until I have some decent advice to say I have everything I need to get going.

As you can tell this is my first tank so please be gentle


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Hi bud welcome to ReefBase  :glad: you couldn't be in a better forum for friendly advice. That's a very nice tank for your first steps into the Salty side. Also good choices with your skimmer and lighting. Do you know about how the nitrogen cycle works and which filtration methods you want to go with?
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Good evening,

I read a post the other day on here about the fluval M90 tank and it only just twigged to join the forum! So thank you for having me  :D.

I don't know much about the first cycle and I was hoping to use the advice of my LFS but thought advice from people who aren't looking to sell me products could be a bit more valuable and trustworthy.

I am looking to do fish and corals (including live rock) - I have order a rock plate which isn't apparently live as I want to create a floating rock effect (see attached photo).

I literally need advice on how to start my tank off from the point of having the tank, skimmer, heater etc.

For example when I build my live rock structure what do I need to do next and so on.

Sorry for the 101 questions but we all have to start somewhere.



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See attached photo ..


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Hi welcome, First thing I would say is don't rush take your time. Nice skimmer and light choice I have a Bubble Magus five and once tuned it really does a great job.
Also you cannot ask enough questions wish I had asked more.
They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but it's not one half so bad as a lot of ignorance.


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Hi and welcome

The hydor power heads are ok and Jacob ones are good for the money and controllable.
Get a controller for the heater, the little stats on the heaters arnt very good, simply aquaria do a good one or you can build one your self if you have the skills.
The cycle is you use a source of ammonia then the bacteria grows and eats it wich produces nitrire, then bacteria forms eats the nitrire and produces nitrate, once you have no ammonia and nitrire readings your tank is cycled.

I don't know why it's labelled live, it's only live if it's wet in a tank at the lfs.
If you buy wet live rock it will already have bacteria in it so it will be a short cycle.
Get your self the test kits for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Salifert or Red Sea are good but not api.

Rock structure wise acrylic rods and nyos reef cement might work.


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