Hello World. 70 litre upgrade & copepod Q.

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Hello world.

Tank upgrade this week from.50.litre leaky glass box swapped for 70 litre plus HOB Protein Skim, Filter & Regugeum.

Just waiting on the macro algae as we speak, gonna plant in so copepods and then once they are established within the system I'm gonna start really considering a mandarin.

Quick question. Should I culture copepods within a refugeum or separately and just feed the tank. Thanks in advanced



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Both! Separate will ensure a good supply. It'll take quite a while, and a fair amount of rock to keep a madarin going. There's probably not enough in a tank that size (many have tried). They're voracious predators, and will destroy a pod population in no time.

You can buy tank bred mandarins now, that are reared on frozen foods. Also, it's possible to train one to eat frozen, but it's hit and miss.
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It can be really hit and miss with these beautiful fish. As HK FUEY said you need to to ask your LFS how they feed before purchase or else they starve to death. I sadly lost my first one due to my naivety . I now keep mine daily stocked with copepods and also pipette feed with frozen.

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