CUC additions/reductions your advice

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My new tank is almost cycled and having taken on board the information provided by members here I have a list which I would like guidance on be it to many or to little for a new 300ltr tanks

Skunk shrimp are the best cleaners - but they are the roughest and will pester LPS and nems for food - they will actually dig it out from the coral.
Blood shrimp will clean the out side of the fish and appear to be more gentle
True peppermint shrimp - eat aiptasia nems

Given the above and wanting to keep corals wold I be better in the ration of 2 and 1 with blood True peppermint shrimp

Mexican Super Turbo snails x 2
Nassarius Snails x6
Trochus Snails x6
Red Leg Hermit Crabs x6
Blue tuxedo urchin

So is this too much if so by how much and what would you lose/add

Also what is the drip method (acclimatization) by the sound I need a container to put the opened bag in whilst in the tank and add water from the tank at an even pace over time -- do most put them in the sump or what is the best container to use to enable this ?
One last thing where can I get shells from for the hermits I didn't (although I might have missed them at the LFS)


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