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coral type colour taking over

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Very new to Marine. Over last few days my live rock has been covered in a coral colour bacteria/algae?

Tank 7 weeks old, 2 hermits in for past 2 weeks and 2 clowns added yesterday. 54 litre tank. Always emptying mini skimmer.

Most readings ok, battling ammonia slightly at 0.25 mg/l so have been doing 10% water changes weekly.
Not sure why my mobile has added pic upside down , sorry. just wondering if i should be worried?
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it's just cyanobacteria, syphon it out when you do water changes.

As it's a new tank, it will most likely settle down by itself.  If it doesn't resolve in a couple of months then there are other actions we can take, but for now, just keep doing water changes and syphoning it out.

What's your phosphate reading? 

BTW that ammonia reading is not good for the fish, personally i'd do some big water changes e.g. 30% every day until that's reading zero.  If you can't do that then pick up some Seachem Prime or Amquel+, you can use those to detoxify the ammonia until you get a zero on the test.
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