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Hi I’ve recently started to keep beginners corals such as zoa, mushrooms, and Kenya tree. I would like a bubble tip anemone to host a couple of clowns. But given the bubble tip nature of frequent movement around the tank, will this work?

240l Aquarium
4 chromis
2 cardinal
Chalk goby
Tuxedo urchin
Black spined urchin
2 peppermint shrimps
Standard CUC

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My tank is about half the size and I got myself a RBT 3 months ago. It move a little, but not much. It now has split and both anemones still stay in roughly same position. The smaller one gets quite a blast from wavemaker, but it is still staying in same position. Having said that my clowns aren’t hosting yet

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Anemones require really good lighting and a mature tank. There's always exceptions, but general advice is to wait until 9 months plus, so all the water chemistry, algae blooms, etc. are done.

They do move. Sometimes not for years, but it's always a risk. One many choose to take.

Clowns hosting is hit and miss. Some dive straight in, other take months/years before they do, some never go for it.
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