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Thank you for all the advice, kind of tempted to go down the refigium root after reading a couple of online guides. Seems like a good solution considering I don’t have much head room to get an appropriate sized skimmer in chamber 2.

My skimmer produces a lot less when I'm running floss or fleece filter socks, so I reckon if you can run those and change it out regularly, the skimmer will not be so critical.  Still on that size tank I think i would rather run one,  even if it is a bit undersized just because water changes are going to be so expensive. Even 10% is going to be 1.2 kg or so of salt.

Refugiums are good,  chaeto and a grow light from ebay will get you started (ideally water resistant in case of splashes).  I'm just using a simple white LED light on mine and i'm constantly having to pull handfulls out, it grows so quickly.
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