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Auto Top Up Units?

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At this stage I'm not sure wether to get one or not as I don't know yet how much evaporation I'm likely to experience, but wondered if I did get one then is there a particular one you recommend for my aquanano 40?

Seen the posh one that uses the laser light thing but it ain't cheap and no idea if any good? Suggestions most welcome  *D


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I would say an atu is even more important for a nano tank as the swings can larger. I've used the tmc one which is about £35 and the tunze nano which is better as it comes with a magnet however there are newer atu's on the market since I last bought one and the tmc one had a bit of a reputation for sticking.


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To be honest when i had my nano i never needed a auto top up, it was well covered and used to lose very little and i never went away haha.
I'd give it a try and see, if it becomes a problem put one in, or if you go away you'll need one (trust me its better to show someone to top up a reservoir than the tank!).
You used to be able to get little kits with just a float switch in that worked well and were about £20 but i've no idea whats available these days i'm afraid.

Adenium Phil

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I've sent reefloat a message as his units are getting very good reviews. Yeah I did see a few people not happy with one of the tmc ones and have been offered a used one but will pass on it.
I'm thinking that the main benefit is keeping salinity stable in a nano tank as once I get it stocked as time passes then I would hate to have a tank of not so happy campers both in terms of fish and corals


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As said, the smaller the tank the more important an ATU is, as salinity will climb more with evaporation. Although they're rarely used on small tanks as people don't see the need. Big tanks evaporate a lot more water, and people want it done automatically rather than having to dump in a couple of litres a day manually.

Having said that, small nano tanks don't usually have delicate inhabitants...

Ideally you'd have one on any tank though.
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Adenium Phil

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Will get a reefloat one when I have a few quid  :grin: as people seem happy with them


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