Asterina Starfish

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Hi I’m new to this hobby and forum and would like some advice on my new set up!

I have a Red Sea reefer 170, it has a sump skimmer and the hydra hd 26 light. I started my tank about 3 months ago with live sand and my own ro/di water, I then bought some live rock from a local guy closing down his tank. After a couple of weeks I noticed about 20 of these little starfish in my tank which after looking up online some people regard them as a pest.

In a bit of a panic I removed the starfish and all the rocks in a bid to kill off the starfish, but one or two still appear every couple of days. I currently haven’t got any fish or corals, but do plan to keep both in future.

My question is, should I just start over whilst it’s easy enough to do as I have no live stock or should I just accept the starfish and crack on building my tank, or is there other options?



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Most Asternia are good they corraline and other stuff . I have  loads in my tank and just hook them out when they get out of control
You could go down the Harelequin Shrimp route but that is only if you are invaded and somewhat overkill

Personally if you don’t mind them leave them be😀

Hope this helps



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Never had any cause a problem.  I love the little critters. They just munch on algae and detritus all day and all night  :glad:
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Thanks for your reply’s, I’m going to leave them be and start stocking my tank!

Thanks again


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