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So I got a rock with a small coral on and was dettol dipped but even after that I noticed just 1 aiptasia. Certainly don't want them to multiply and spread - so do I try a peppermint shrimp or some aiptasia x?

Cheers  *D


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peppermint shrimp ate mine as I didn't want to risk using anything, however, the guys on here know loads more than me! :)


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I have used apastia X and it works well, I still have a few left though.

Be carful with peppermint shrimp as there are different ones and they don't all eat aips.

I think the ones with straight lines are hit and miss and the third one is a true peppermint shrimp.

I looked in lfs on the weekend but they only had the straight line ones.


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If you only have the one, and the rock is removable, take it out, and either chip off that bit of rock (they often bury their foot in a crevis), or burn/cook it with a soldering iron, hot screwdriver, blowtorch, etc.
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Adenium Phil

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Ok cool will see if neighbour has a blow torch to get job sorted nice n quick


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I bought aiptasia x and have had no luck with it, bloody things come back after 10 days. Called in the cavalry, 3 shrimps arrive tomorrow. Hopefully the right ones!
If you only have 1 injecting it with kalk works well.


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I resorted to blasting my aips with boiling RO water using a turkey baster, then once the water was expelled I used the baster to draw up the remains of the aips and get rid. Worked wonders and cost nothing. Just be careful with the boiling water as you pull out the baster from the container.
Fingers crossed they don't seem to have returned like they did with the Aiptasia X


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I had one on a frag and I just dowsed it with lemon juice and when it shriveled up I scrapped it off the frag. I then dipped my frag in coral dip.  I put it in my tank and I have not seen any aiptasia sprout up.


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