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I have a freshwater tropical tank and i am looking to give marines a go. I have a decent sized used tank (used for fresh). Guy in the local shop tells me it is a huge risk to use this tank if it has had copper in it in its past. The copper will be from treatments used in the tank over the years. Guy told me it can come off the glass and leach out of the silicon.

How big a risk is this before I get started?



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Hi if it has had a lot of copper treatments over the years then I could be a risk to inverts and corals.

You could fill it with salt water, heater and circulation pump for a month or 2 and the get a copper test kit to see if it has leached.



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Good advice from Tim there, another option is to get an ICP test,  generally they can read to a lower level more accurately than a test kit.

For example, the lethal copper level for coral is between 10 and 100 PPB depending on the coral. This is right at the limit of detection for the Seachem Copper kit I have.


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I dont think copper can be absorbed by glass - actually glass is chemically neutral and is the main reason is used to store all kind of crazy chemicals :)

Silicone is another story and this can; But exposed silicone in a tank is minimal. Consider also cycle of tank and all huge water changes will come until you will add really sensitive creatures;
My first saltwater tank was also my old freshwater and never had any issue;

If is really a concern, before adding sps in it can send a water sample to Triton or such labs to have a really accurate test
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I wonder if this is an old wives tale, or whether it has any evidence behind it?  I really don't know.  I have used an old freshwater tank that I used copper in, but I use it as a quarantine tank for fish, so it's a benefit if anything.
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I had freshwater setup in my own tank , I washed the tank thoroughly with RO water and filled , left to sit overnight and rinsed out with RO after washing , I bought a copper test kit and tested throughout the cycle and still test every so often . I
The test has always been 0 .
I used the salifert test kit as it tests to very low levels


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