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If you're new to ReefBase, come and introduce yourself.

Last post by DUSTYBOY272
in Re: bubble magus curve 7 skimmer

ReefBase Lounge

General off-topic chat and discussions. Be yourself & join-in.

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in Black friday offers & codes


A general board for the discussion of freshwater fish, tanks and freshwater specific equipment, such as CO2 kits, etc.

Last post by Marty
in Re: Well I have another tank !!!

Members Tanks

Browse our members' tank threads, view progress and pictures, or create your own thread to track the progress of your own reef aquarium.

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in SPS Pico Surge Tank

Tank of the month

Monthly competitions on member's tanks. Enter pictures of your tank and / or vote on others'.

Last post by Animal
in Re: How this might work

General Reef Keeping

General Reef Discussions

General non-specialised reefkeeping questions & discussions.

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in Re: New Filter

Beginners Questions

If you're new to the hobby, please ask any questions you have, rather than making the mistakes we've all made.

Last post by Ratvan
in Re: Coralline Algae help


All reef chemistry related posts should go in here.

Last post by MarineMed
in Re: Fluconaxole, best algea treatmemt

Reefing News

Post links or information on any related reefing news.

Last post by DUSTYBOY272
in Re: Amwell aquatics

Stunning Reef Tanks

A collection of the most beautiful reef aquariums from anywhere on the net. Post links and a brief summary of what captivated you most by the tank. Inspiration for us all.

Last post by ajm83
in Re: Stunning soft coral reef tanks


General competitions on member chosen subjects.

Last post by DUSTYBOY272
in Re: Attempting free London Aquarium Tickets


Reefbase ID database

A database of common living things found in our reef tanks

Last post by Ratvan
in Re: Starfish

ID needed

Need help identifying something? Post a photo, video, and/or description and we'll do our best to help you out.

Last post by Ratvan
in Re: Sponges

Marine Fish

General Marine Fish

A general board for all Marine fish, for Marine Fish identification, and general discussion.

Last post by Ratvan
in Re: Aptaisia

Marine Fish Diseases

A board for threads related to marine fish diseases including; White Spot (Ich), Brooklynellosis (Anemonefish Disease), Marine velvet, black spot, HLLE, Fin Rot, etc. Their diagnosis and treatment.

Last post by Ratvan
in Re: Citrinus goby white patches

Clownfish & Damselfish

Clownfish and other Damselfish, including Clarkii Clownfish, Common Clownfish (Nemo), Skunk Clownfish, Electric Blue Damselfish, Domino Damselfish are in this category.

Last post by Animal
in Re: New Snowflake Pair Squabbling!

Tangs / Surgeonfish

Discussions regarding Tangs aka Surgeonfish. Fish such as Yellow Tangs, Regal Tangs (Dory), Naso Tangs, Clown Tangs, etc fall into this category.

Last post by HK_Fuey
in Re: Gutted!! Had to rehome my beautiful sailfin

Angelfish (Large & Dwarf)

For topics about Angelfish & Dwarf Angelfish. For Fish such as the Queen Angelfish, Emperor Angelfish, Coral Beauty & Flame Angel.

Last post by jackmyers200
in Re: My juvenile emperor angel


General Corals

A general board for all Corals & Anemones, for Coral identification, and general discussion.

Last post by DUSTYBOY272
in Re: Missing zoa

Soft Corals

Soft corals. Corals without a skeleton. These include Leather Corals, Pulsing Xenia, Zoanthids, Mushrooms, etc.

Last post by svanjo11
in Re: Newbie question - do Zoa's reach for light

LPS Corals

Large polyp stony corals. Any corals with a calcium based skeleton, and large polyps which extend out to completely conceal the skeleton beneath.

Last post by Marty
in Re: Chalice colour change

SPS Corals

Small polyp stony corals. More advanced corals which have calcium based skeletons and small polyps.

Last post by Matt_toynton
in Re: Porites white patch syndrome ?

Azooxanthellate / Non-Photosynthetic Corals

Azooxanthellate or non-photosynthetic corals do not require much if any light to survive. They include Gorgonians and Sun Corals.

Last post by Debbiem
in Re: Whats happening to my sun coral?


Marine Invertebrates

A board for marine reef invertebrates.

Last post by Ratvan
in Re: Randalli Pistol Shrimp to Good home

Marine Molluscs

Marine gastropod molluscs including; Seahares, Turbo snails, Nassarius snails, and predatory snails such as Sundial snails & some Nudibranchs.

Last post by Animal
in Re: Snail ID Required

Marine Crustaceans

Marine Crustaceans as in Porcelain crabs, Mithrax crabs, cleaner shrimps, blood shrimps, boxer shrimps, etc.

Last post by DUSTYBOY272
in Re: Copepods

Marine Hardware


Discussions surrounding marine & reef lighting, Metal Halides, CFLs, T5s or LEDs.

Last post by Ben345
in Re: Lighting settings

Pumps and powerheads

Pumps for returns/skimmers/reactors/etc. & powerheads/wavemakers/etc. You get the idea ;-)

Last post by Shawzy10
in Re: Maxspect Gyre XF330 OGC Mode


A board for more specialised equipment such as dosing pumps, kalkwasser stirrers, calcium reactors, etc.

Last post by Aqua Splendor
in (Video) Jebao Dosing Pump Calibration and Setup


Marine Hardware Do-It-Yourself. A board containing topics about building & customising your own equipment.

Last post by Aqua Splendor
in DIY Dosing Container or Bottle


Discussions about Filtration, protein skimmers, uv sterilisation, ozone usage, nitrate reactors, biopellets, etc.

Last post by Shawzy10
in TMC Reef Rear Sump Skimmer

Reef Photography


Show off your pictures of your reef.

Last post by ajm83
in Re: Fashion accessory to tuxedo

Photography Advice & Tips

If you need help getting good photos of your marine tank, fish or corals. Ask for advice here, please include camera model, as it helps to understand what features are available to you.

Last post by Aqua Splendor
in (Video) A little trick that i use to take my photos, i t...


Free to a good home

A board to advertise things you're giving away to fellow reefers.

Last post by Ratvan
in Re: Reef Lobster - free to a good home

For sale

A board to advertise your reefing equipment and livestock for sale.

Last post by marine_newbie
in Re: Red Sea Max E170 with full sump upgrade.

Swap Shop

A swap shop. A place for ReefBase members to offer frags, Corals, Zoanthids, Fish or equipment in exchange for other items.

Last post by Bradderz123
in ECO Reef


A request board for marine fish, corals or equipment.

Last post by DUSTYBOY272
in Re: Skimmer, Ato, wavemakers

Reef Keeping Suppliers

Become a Supplier

There's no sponsorship model on ReefBase. For members it means there's no bias towards vendors who are supporting the forum financially, so everyone is free to talk openly about products, whether they're a supplier here or not. For you it means there's no fee, and you can advertise your products or service and interact with UK Reefkeeping hobbyists.


iQuatics Online is the UK’s leading supplier of innovative aquarium lighting products.

Last post by iQuatics-Online
in Universal Hanging Bar Offer

Reef Perfect

Reef Perfect is the UK’s leading supplier of aquarium cooling and control products for private and commercial customers alike.

Last post by Mike
in Re: Hows it going ReefPerfect?


Fistafiltration specialise in acrylic aquarium manufacture, and filtration such as sumps and reactors. FistaFiltration has been supplying acrylic tanks and products for over 20 years.

Last post by fizzy
in Re: fish display


MailOrderCorals are one of the leading suppliers of Marine Corals and Inverts in the UK. With over 4,000 Corals & Inverts ready for delivery direct to your door with our live arrival guarantee.

Last post by T-Bone Tyrone
in Re: Holiday

RO World

A UK supplier of high quality aquarium RO units. With a vast range of reverse osmosis accessories at unbeatable prices with quick delivery.

Last post by Asco1104
in Re: Cartridges needed for Kent Marine Hi-S (the Maxxima ...


Fishmansfrags has been a market leader of UK mail order marine corals, frags and livestock since 2005 and is possibly the most popular and best priced retailer of marine corals and critters online today!

Last post by HK_Fuey
in Re: Fishmansfrags gone?


Reefphyto Ltd is a reliable source of quality Live Phytoplankton, Rotifers, Copepods (Zooplankton) all cultured and grown at our premises in the UK.

Last post by HK_Fuey
in Re: Live Food Discount for ReefBase Forum Subscribers


We are suppliers of marine fish, coral, inverts and tank equipment. Using the equipment we also sell helps us to understand the customers requirements in maintaining a healthy aquarium.

Last post by Marine_Boy
in Lights losing time

Aquarium Plumbing Ltd

We specialise in UPVC aquarium plumbing and fittings. All of our aquarium plumbing is fish and invert safe and can be used in fresh or salt water systems. We supply imperial and metric systems which are compatible with Deltec, Aqua Medic and any other European equipment.

Last post by jordanweasel
in Re: Weir comb


Our marine products are both high quality and user friendly and have just one goal - to produce a successful healthy marine aquarium with stunningly beautiful corals and fish

Last post by HK_Fuey
in Re: Colombo - Bacto balls


AbyssWare offer different options of fully customisable light systems and platforms in order to meet customer's detailed requirements, optimal lighting, excellent design and maximum reliability. Off-the-shelf lighting systems, custom spectrum and power, custom look and design features of lights, all features and components used are highest quality, efficiency and reliability.

Last post by db75Reef
in Re: OrionX-90

Hidden Gem Aquatics

Our specialty is in the propagation of live coral for saltwater aquarium enthusiasts. A reef aquarium allows us to view, in our own homes, a multitude of beautiful life forms, providing a window to an underwater world we may not otherwise see. Our Beautiful Marine Corals will help any enthusiast create the most stunning underwater worlds at affordable prices.

Last post by danHGA
in Hidden Gem Aquatics

Coral Cultivations

Coral Cultivations is a new frag farm based in Hull, East Yorkshire. We specialise in soft coral frags - including many zoo species including some rare ones, plus various soft corals, Xenias and star polyps. We specialise in offering high quality, affordable zoo and soft coral packs ideal for beginners to the hobby, as well as offering a selection of high end zoo species.

Last post by stevec
in Discount for Reefbase Members!

Fraggle Reef

Fraggle Reef supply coral frags mail order or collection

Last post by fragglereef
in Why buy coral from Fraggle Reef. Also Discount Code

Reefing Tools & Articles


A board for how-to guides on any area of the reefkeeping hobby.

Last post by T-Bone Tyrone
in Re: How to wire an STC1000 temperature controller with 2...


A board for polls to appear on homepage

Last post by T-Bone Tyrone
in Re: How often do you feed?


Dosing calculators, tank size calculators, etc.

Last post by Carol
in Re: Aquatic log


Useful articles on the reefkeeping hobby.

Last post by Mike
in Re: All Marine Habitat Magazine Backissues Downloads

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Reef Keeping News

Amwell aquatics Oct 24, 2019 1:01:59 am by Animal
Just thought I'd let you know that amwell aquatics which is based at thornwood Essex will be closing down for good .they are moving all their stock to their other shop in Cambridge
Read More
Guppys oh my god. Oct 17, 2019 9:14:31 am by Animal
AS you all know I do love a challenge,I've got a friend in the USA that has set up a small test tank and has successfully acclimatised guppys to marine .
Why I don't know lol
Read More
Another Palytoxin victim Aug 7, 2019 4:59:04 pm by ajm83
The adults, first hit by the toxins, spent one week in hospital. Katie's three girls, who were asleep, were discharged the day after.

Katie added: "We had gone on
Read More
World Reef Day June 1st Jun 2, 2019 10:29:02 am by Gav
A little late , but thought I'd bring attention to this either way
Read More
Calcium and Mag testing May 16, 2019 7:02:28 pm by geordie
Saw this write up and thought i would share,a bit of a way to go but sounds promising. Made in the USA you can google images and further write ups.

We didn't want to ann
Read More
A.M Aquatics closed down Apr 19, 2019 2:35:30 pm by geordie
Hi a shame to see the above lfs has decided to call it a day,been shut a few weeks now. Always enjoyed a visit Ash and Alan always helpful, will be a miss.
Read More
New : Redsea reefled Apr 4, 2019 2:42:42 pm by Gav
Read More
Next Threshold: Sexual Culture of Aquarium Corals Mar 15, 2019 3:31:25 pm by HK_Fuey

Read More
Italian coral reef Mar 15, 2019 2:45:30 pm by HK_Fuey

Puglia, a southern Ita
Read More
Euphyllia - same but different Jan 5, 2019 3:41:39 pm by HK_Fuey
Makes sense why torch corals sting other euphyllia now...

Read More
Piggybacking brittlestar Jan 3, 2019 9:49:01 am by HK_Fuey

Piggybacking brittlestar
Read More